Past Festivals

Arts in the Valley has presented biennial festivals in Kangaroo Valley since 2007.

2017 - Highly Strung

Sydney Koto Quintet

This will be the first time we’ve had a koto in the Valley, and we’ll be enjoying four of them in the Sydney Koto Quartet, led by the amazing Satsuki Odamura.

2015 - Music and Art

Kangaroo Valley view
View over Kangaroo Valley

Our fifth biannual festival presented exhibitions and screenings of relevant artworks in most concerts. In several cases, artists created a painting during the performance. Guests were surrounded by gorgeous images and gorgeous sounds!

2013 - Valley Dreaming

Yuin Ghudjargah
Yuin Ghudjargah

Our fourth biennial Arts in the Valley festival was the first Australian arts festival to explore Aboriginal music and the way it has influenced several generations of Australian composers.